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Aesthetich Dentistry

We have prepared for you the answers to all your questions about Aesthetic Dentistry, which you have started to hear very frequently in recent years.

Aesthetic dentistry; It is a field of dentistry that ensures that the individual is not only healthy but also has an aesthetically impressive tooth and jaw structure. In this treatment method, technology is frequently used as well as different techniques.

The aesthetic appearance aimed in this field is determined according to the physical and social characteristics of the individual. For this reason, they are special designs that vary from person to person. After the mouth, jaw and facial structure of the person who wants to have aesthetic teeth are evaluated together, the natural and ideal image is designed in a computer environment. In this way, this design is presented to the patient's liking and a successful treatment process is achieved.

What are the methods used in Aesthetic Dentistry?

Our center, Esdent Oral and Dental Health Center, located in Malatya, employs experienced physicians in the field of aesthetic dentistry. We will briefly explain the methods used in this field of dentistry.

Adhesive (Bonding) Systems

Adhesive systems are applications that enable the necessary changes to be made in the characteristics of the tooth, such as shape, color and size, by bonding processes to the tooth.

Advantages of Adeviz Transactions;

  • Filling the gaps between teeth

  • Filling broken teeth

  • Shaping worn teeth

  • tooth color change

It is the practical applications that ensure success in the above processes. It is a frequently preferred method in cases where porcelain teeth are not required.

Composite Filling

Composite fillings are aesthetic dental fillings that have replaced the gray fillings used in dentistry in the past. A natural appearance is provided with composite dental fillings. When necessary and regular maintenance is provided, it can be used for a period of 5 to 10 years. Composite filling application takes approximately 30 minutes to 10 hours.

Porcelain Dental Veneer


Porcelain dental veneer is an aesthetic dentistry application that provides successful results in cases where one or more teeth are missing or the teeth are unhealthy in many respects.

Porcelain dental veneers can be performed with several different techniques. After the preliminary examination and measurements are completed, it is completed in 3 or 4 sessions, depending on the coating technique chosen.

  1. Metal supported coating; Metal-supported porcelain veneers are created by using metal-containing materials to prevent the brittleness of the porcelain material and create a durable infrastructure. With developing technology, aesthetically elegant alternative applications are frequently preferred instead of metal-containing materials.

  2. Zirconium Porcelain: It is one of the most popular dentistry treatment methods of recent years. Its white color and the appearance of a durable and natural appearance on the lower base of the porcelain have made it one of the treatment models of aesthetic dentistry. You can click on the link for detailed information about zirconium porcelain.

  3. Laminated Porcelain: It is a process applied by abrading the teeth without the need for cutting and gluing thin porcelain tissues. It is also known as leaf porcelain. It is a costly application. However, it is frequently preferred in dentistry, especially in the front teeth.

Pink Aesthetics

Pink aesthetics, also known as gum aesthetics, is another application of aesthetic dentistry. It is the process of eliminating aesthetic problems that occur in the soft and hard tissues surrounding the tooth and arising from the gums.

For a more beautiful appearance as well as healthy teeth, you can examine our aesthetic dentistry treatment method and contact us for an appointment.

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